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Garden Blog PARC'S | 18 January 2022

Garden trends 2022 - Nature comes first

We have taken a close look at five current garden trends.

As every year, we compile our personal and current garden trends of the year. Especially the mixture between gardens as close to nature as possible and modern landscape architecture show up as a central theme this year.

1 - Natural pools: Easy care and chemical-free

Things have changed in the water garden world in recent years. Swimming pools with naturally purified water are more in demand than ever. Many are increasingly turning to swimming without chlorine or chemicals. With the help of intelligent Living Pool technology, the pool water is purified biologically and without chemical additives, making it gentle and kind to the skin. The popular natural pools do not differ visually from conventional pools.

Another novelty is the overflow basin. Here, the water surface is flush with the surroundings. Overflow channels on all sides allow the water to slosh elegantly over the edge. This provides a steady and relaxed splashing in the garden.

During the past years we have planned and built countless Living Pools together with our partner egli jona ag. In the joint show garden Gartenvilla, a total of seven different swimming pools are on display for viewing. We are looking forward to your visit¨.

2 - Biodiversity: Diverse planting

Biodiversity means variety and is the basis for life. Accordingly, thoughtful garden planning means also considering smaller residents in the garden. The use of native and insect-friendly plants can elegantly combine aesthetics and sustainability. The choice of plants is therefore particularly important, not only in private gardens but also in residential developments. Instead of unused lawns, flower meadows or flower islands can be planned.

It is increasingly important to focus on biodiversity in the garden, because wild bees or other insects and animals are finding less and less food and living space. Selecting native plants for the garden can already do a lot. This is because regional plants attract bees, butterflies and insects, or even provide nesting sites for small animals such as hedgehogs. Fruit trees and colorful flower meadows also provide valuable food. Avoiding the use of chemical pesticides also significantly supports biodiversity.

3 - kitchen garden: Convertible in any garden

The trend towards self-sufficiency is becoming more and more popular. Many customers want a place in your garden for berries, herbs or even fruit trees. Be it individual containers or raised beds, a kitchen garden is not at odds with a timeless garden design. Thyme, rosemary and basil bloom beautifully. However, the taste of the herbs can change in the process. Together, we can find the perfect plant combination that not only tastes good, but also looks great in your garden. With our partner Amadeo Ambiente we are constantly looking for new containers, which are also suitable for the desired kitchen garden.

4 - Smart Garden: Irrigation, music and lighting

The trend toward digitization is growing steadily, even in the garden. But how does digitization work for the outdoor living room? It is already possible to control the garden simply and easily with a smartphone or tablet. The irrigation system, the lighting or the lawn robot are started or pre-programmed independent of time and location. A smart garden is not only practical, but also increases efficiency. For example, sensors measure the moisture of the soil and water only when really necessary. Weather forecasts also help to assess the need for watering. 

Another topic is the music in the outdoor space. Acoustics can additionally provide a certain atmosphere. In addition, the surroundings move into the background, increasing the privacy in your own garden. In addition to built-in systems, outdoor speakers can be used. In addition to the performance, the appearance, of course, plays an important role. Escape speakers are a wonderful example of how technology also harmonizes beautifully visually with the garden and equipment.

Our partner GardenTec already focused on the implementation of smart gardens at the beginning of digitalization. Together with the specialists for garden technology, we were already allowed to plan and install many outdoor living rooms with irrigation, rainwater tanks and lighting.

5 - Equipment: the finishing touches for the garden and terrace

Consciously chosen furniture has long been intended not only for the living room, but also in the garden or on the terrace is crucial for the appropriate atmosphere. That is why they are also one of the current garden trends. In the first step, consider what purpose the furniture should serve. Whether it's an outdoor dining area, a retreat for an exciting book or a place to lie down after a swim in your own pool, the furnishings must be chosen to match. With detailed garden planning, we thus create the optimal conditions for your new favorite place to emerge.

Among our reference gardens, you'll find a wide variety of ways to create the perfect retreat for your needs. Here are a few insights:

In our show garden this year you will find the entire Eternit range, which is produced in Switzerland from fiber cement.

After the furniture comes the decoration. With textiles as well as various smaller vessels, the outdoor area is given an additional living room flair. Visit our partner store Amadeo Ambiente and find the right vessel for your garden, terrace or balcony.

Inspiration for your garden design

Find inspiration for your outdoor living room at our reference gardens. Whether a water garden, a naturally designed garden, a garden with fountains or seating areas and terraces: The possibilities in garden and terrace design are totally different and endless.

Do you have any questions about our garden trends or would you like some non-binding advice? We look forward to your inquiry.

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