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Garden Blog PARC'S | 19 July 2023

Garden design for sustainable recreation: a chemical-free overflow pool

Before: Large lawn
After: Overflow Pool
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A look into the garden reveals a stunning garden design with a modern and highlight - an overflow pool. This stylish pool combines aesthetics and functionality, seamlessly blending into the natural environment. The overflow pool is called such because all four edges of the pool are equipped with an overflow channel. The result is a water surface that is in perfect alignment with its surroundings.

The perimeter of the pool consists of an elegant wooden deck, which stylishly surrounds the entire pool area. Under it also hides all the technology of the pool. In addition, a raised wooden bench was designed, which at the same time provides additional storage space.

Pure relaxation in the shade: The lamella roof and the lounge by the pool

The pool area offers not only a refreshing oasis, but also a place of relaxation and comfort. At the end of the pool extends an attractive slatted roof with an inviting lounge. This intelligent roof can be flexibly opened or closed as needed, providing a pleasant play of shadows. The lounge is the perfect place to sit back, unwind and enjoy the view of the pool and surrounding garden.

A green oasis of diversity: planting and terracing

The garden around the overflow pool was designed with great attention to detail and impresses with its diverse planting. Behind the lounge, a play of colorful sage blossoms, giving the garden a lively touch. To the left of the wooden deck is a lovingly designed planting strip, which creates a harmonious atmosphere with various flowers and two solitary trees. The treetops provide a unique play of shadows and also serve as a privacy screen.

On the right side of the deck extends an open lawn, which gives the garden a certain spaciousness.

The originally rather small terrace area was enlarged by clever terracing and set in scene with lush planting. The existing cornus, which wonderfully heralds the bathing season with white blossoms in early summer, is also the focus of the new design.

Detail photos of the overflow pool

A Living Pool for natural bathing fun without chemicals

This overflow pool is a living pool with an integrated counter-current system. This innovative technology is characterized by its natural water purification and provides sustainable bathing fun. The water is purified naturally in a biofilter, without the use of chlorine or other chemical additives.

"This garden, with its naturally cleaned overflow pool, impressively combines aesthetics, functionality and ecological awareness."
Yannick Rothen
Managing Director PARC'S

A modern and natural garden design that inspires

The redesign of the garden has undergone an impressive upgrade. With the overflow pool, the clever terracing and the diverse planting, a harmonious and modern garden has been created that invites you to linger and relax. The clear sight lines and playful planting give the garden a very special atmosphere.

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