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Terrace and garden lighting

We accompany you from the first idea to the finished garden. For a first non-binding inquiry, we are happy to help you. Together we look at your project before deciding on the next steps.

We create a lighting concept for your garden that flatters the garden design, creates safety in the dark and highlights elements in the garden or on the terrace. With direct or indirect garden lighting of walls, paths, borders or specimen trees, you not only visually enhance your garden, but can also use the outdoor space until late at night. Viewed from inside the house, garden lighting maintains the visual relationship even in the dark, thus extending the space: your garden can be experienced for longer.

With an affinity for timeless designs, we are happy to assist you in creating your outdoor living space. In outdoor lighting, there are an incredible number of ways to create a unique atmosphere, which we will be happy to introduce you to.

  • Direct lighting
  • Indirect lighting
  • Light and water
  • Path lighting
  • Security
  • Decorative elements
  • Lighting concepts
  • Minimize light pollution
  • Time lighting concept

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Direct lighting

Garden lighting at night

The direct illumination of trees, specimen plants or furnishings creates effective accents. The targeted lighting puts the selected element in the center of attention and transforms it into a radiant island of light. The contrast between light and shadow highlights the object and sets it perfectly in scene. At the same time, the contours of the garden become visible. Illuminated solitary trees look particularly beautiful. The structure of the bark as well as the tree crown is highlighted once again. In the darkness, we thus like to put trees in the center of the design.

Indirect lighting


Indirect lighting in garden design is often created by reflecting light on walls or walls. This type of lighting creates soft shadows and contributes significantly to a cozy atmosphere. At the same time, a basic brightness is created, which makes the garden usable even at night. Indirect lighting is particularly suitable for cozy seating areas, privacy walls, hedges or garden paths.

Light and water

Mystic garden design

An illuminated swimming pool or swimming pond attracts all eyes. The placement of light elements in the water creates a mystical ambience. The reflection of the light in the water is unique and provides an eye-catcher even after sunset. The light effects in combination with water have a calming effect on people and allow safe swimming at night. Energy-saving underwater lighting adds that certain something. The underwater lighting is equally suitable for pools and fountains and sets interesting light glimmers or color highlights.

Path lighting

Garden lighting at night

Lighting the garden paths provides the necessary safety in the garden. At the same time, deliberately chosen lighting sets contours and guides the visitor's eye through the green oasis. An inviting image continues through the garden and provides the necessary orientation in the dark.

Safety through light

A coherent lighting concept is not only a visual delight, but also has safety benefits. Illuminating paths, entrance areas or trip hazards reduces the risk of accidents. Wall and bollard luminaires with motion sensors are practical and at the same time energy-saving, which can also deter unwanted visitors by unexpected illumination. The garden lighting is controlled by a timer and can be regulated, for example, via a smart home remote control.

Decorative light

Decorative garden lighting additionally emphasizes the mood of the garden. Whether lamps in various designs, light stones or fire: The bright accents are attractive eye-catchers in dark niches and can additionally emphasize the style of the garden or terrace. 

Fire or barbecue bowls provide unique experiences in the garden not only in summer, but also in winter. A fine winter risotto or even a fine fondue can be made over the fire. Besides the cozy atmosphere created by the fire, the garden can also be enjoyed during the colder months.

Coherent lighting concept - clever combination of lighting types

With the combination of direct lighting of individual objects and indirect lighting of various garden areas, a coherent garden ambience is created. Additional decorative accents provide further highlights at night and complete a coherent overall concept. Light highlights the beauty of the garden and makes it a unique oasis of well-being in the evening and at night.

Less is more - reduce light pollution

Too much light disturbs people and nature and wastes energy unnecessarily. An optimal lighting concept therefore also takes into account the careful use of light sources. Conscious placement of lighting and energy-saving lamps make a valuable contribution to avoiding light pollution. Light that shines purposefully from top to bottom does not dazzle and does not radiate unused into the open sky. In garden design, there are countless possibilities to set interesting highlights with a consciously chosen lighting concept and to provide the necessary safety, but still to avoid light pollution as far as possible.

Time for planning

In principle, the lighting concept should be a fixed part of the garden planning and should be implemented when the planning for the planting is available. In this way, the visual relationships at night can already be planned. Particular attention should be paid in advance to the correct placement of necessary piping for the planned lights in the outdoor area. Of course, a coherent lighting concept is also possible afterwards. No matter in which phase your garden is: We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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