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Garden Blog PARC'S | September 14 2023

An overflow living pool with counter current system

How a sports pool turns the backyard into a private workout environment.

A garden is not only a place for relaxation, but can also be a space for active exercise and sports. More and more people are discovering the benefits of a nature-oriented lifestyle that integrates health and fitness into their own garden. One highlight here is swimming training in the chemical-free Living Pool with counter-current system.

So here we show you not only a beautiful swimming pool, but specifically address the sporting use of a garden.

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The sports pool for optimal training in your own garden

This generous overflow pool offers not only an aesthetically pleasing look, but also an optimal sports experience. The counter-current system provides a continuous flow of water against which you swim. This allows for an efficient swim workout right outside your front door.

The counter-current system can be easily controlled via an app. The strength of the current can also be adjusted here.

Swim training in natural water without chemicals

Another highlight of this pool is the chemical-free water purification. Instead of chemicals, the Living Pool relies on biological processes to keep the water clear and clean. This makes exercising in this pool very gentle on the skin and eyes. Even if daily workouts were done, there is no need to apply creams that repel water. Even after training the skin does not dry out.  

The joy of swimming in your own backyard

We do not need to mention that exercise is essential for our health. However, the advantages of having your own sports pool with a high-quality counter-current system should be specifically mentioned. Modern technology creates a very natural flow of water. This does not lead to wild waves and water splashes. The water surface remains rather calm, which allows focused training.

The counter-current system can also be used in smaller pools (from approx. 4 meters), so that even smaller swimming pools can be used as sports pools. You can effectively concentrate on swimming and your technique instead of turning at the end of the pool.

Of course, a sports pool in your own backyard offers a lot of convenience. It is clear that the training possibility directly in front of the door saves a lot of time. "I can train while my children play soccer on the lawn," is the feedback of a sports pool owner from Rapperswil-Jona.

In the garden villa, the countercurrent system can be tested during trainingweeks. When these take place, you can see on the website of our show garden in Aathal.

These reference gardens are also equipped with a counter-current system:

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