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Pools, fountains and water features in gardens and terraces

Water is the source of life. In the garden or on the terrace, a gentle splash provides an indescribable peace and naturalness. The element can be embedded in the design in different forms.

Water as the center of the garden

Especially on hot summer days you want refreshment right outside your door. By having a swimming pool in your own garden, we fulfill this dream. Besides conventional chlorine pools, naturally cleaned pools are also perfect for dream gardens. Visually, they are indistinguishable from a conventional swimming pool. No matter if chlorinated or naturally cleaned: Thanks to an individual design, a pool can be built to match the desired garden style.

Smaller gardens do not have to do without the element of water. With a fountain you make their outdoor living room also acoustically something very special. The splashing of the water gives every garden more naturalness and can be perfectly placed as an eye-catcher by a deliberately chosen placement.

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Sports pool in the garden: installation of a counter-current system

A counter-current system is a perfect way to swim and exercise in your own backyard. With a counter-current system, you can turn your pool into a sports area while preserving space and aesthetics in the garden.

Another advantage of the counter-current system is its versatility, as it allows you to perform various swimming activities and customize the resistance.

In addition, the counter-current system is also very convenient and space-saving, as the technology is placed outside the pool and the pool can be used for relaxation and games when the system is not in operation. The counter-current system is also an excellent choice for health, as swimming is a gentle sport that provides better fitness.

Finally, there is the option of choosing a chemical-free Living Pool, which provides an even more natural swim training experience.

Fountains in gardens and on terraces

Even a fountain or a small water feature already has a great effect on the atmosphere in the garden. There are hardly any limits to the implementation. We have even planned a fountain with seating, which also provides some cooling on hot days. Let us inspire you with our projects:

Water lighting

Water conducts light in a very special way. With the lighting of the pool or fountain, the garden becomes an eye-catcher even at night. Enjoy an incredible atmosphere in your garden even after the sunny hours.

Our show garden with pools and fountains

Visit our show garden Gartenvilla in Aathal near Wetzikon. From spring to autumn you can visit seven different pools on site, touch materials and gather ideas for your own paradise.

Garden Villa
Zurichstrasse 24
8607 Aathal-Seegräben

For more inspiration, check out our photographed reference gardens: