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Terrace design

With a well thought-out terrace design, the interior is connected with the exterior and the living room is extended to the outside. The focus of a successful terrace redesign is, of course, your needs and wishes. Nevertheless, the design of a terrace differs from a garden in key points.

Since terraces are often exposed, precipitation and solar radiation are also relevant to planning. The location of the terrace affects the choice of plants and materials. The course of the shade is also decisive for the terrace design, as as much daylight as possible should be captured and light irradiation should not be obstructed.

With an affinity for timeless designs, we are happy to assist you in designing your outdoor living space. There are many possibilities when designing a terrace, which we will introduce to you here.

Planting terrace - natural harmony

Terraces do not have to be gray and bare: With the right planting, the terrace becomes a green oasis in the open air. A deliberately chosen planting in matching planters sets decorative accents and provides interesting eye-catchers. In addition, a harmonious naturalness is achieved through a perfect planting concept. In addition to the natural look, plants and specimen shrubs provide shade that creates spatial structures, especially on roof terraces. View relationships are not only central in garden design. In terrace design, too, individual planting provides exciting highlights and creates a cozy living room in the open air. For terraces with a view, we attach importance to maintaining or even emphasizing beautiful visual relationships with the landscape.

Privacy screen on the terrace

In the holistic concept of terrace design, privacy screen is an important factor. The optimal privacy screen provides the necessary privacy on the terrace and provides undisturbed places of retreat. Whether a privacy screen is made of permanently installed material such as stone, wood or metal, or of natural planting, the visual effect must always be taken into account when choosing a privacy screen. However, it is not only the blocking of gazes that provides a personal retreat. By setting eye-catchers, the eye is consciously guided through the outdoor living room when entering the terrace. The focus remains on the terrace and the surrounding houses recede into the background.

Fountain and water games on the terrace

Water has a calming effect on us humans. It has an attractive and relaxing effect. The gentle splashing also has something practical: it cuts through any noise from the street or neighbors. Fountains and water features come into their own on a terrace and become a real center of attraction. The element of water immediately gives the terrace something lively. Of course, the load-bearing capacity of the ground must be taken into account. As an alternative to heavy fountains, elements such as the Metallico Fontana water feature are easier to implement. Depending on the structure and substrate of the terrace, a swimming pool can also be realized and integrated into the design concept of the terrace.

Lighting concept for terraces

Lighting plays a central role on the terrace. It additionally emphasizes the mood of the terrace and sets bright accents and attractive eye-catchers in dark niches. Individual highlights can be emphasized with the right lighting, while the lights of neighboring houses and adjacent surroundings automatically fade into the background. A coherent lighting concept highlights the beauty of the terrace and turns it into a unique oasis of well-being in the evening and at night.

Irrigation on the terrace

Once installed, an irrigation system takes care of all the work, leaving more time to enjoy and experience the terrace. Well-hidden irrigation solutions take into account the different needs of plants and do the job fully automatically. Elegant irrigation systems can be planned on the terrace at the very beginning of the holistic terrace design. Installation will save you time and resources.

Our partner GardenTec GmbH is a specialist for technology in gardens and on terraces.

The finishing touch: decoration on the terrace

A homely furnishing concept turns the terrace into a real outdoor living room. By choosing the right furniture, a unique living room atmosphere is achieved. Whether a table for the convivial round at dinner or a stylish lounge for cozy hours: With consideration for the needs of the patio owners, the personal outdoor living room is created, which meets all requirements. Decorative objects such as attractive planters, figurines and sculptures, matching fabrics and cushions or fire bowls round off the concept. Fire bowls provide unique experiences on the terrace not only in summer, but also in winter: a fine winter risotto or even a fondue can be enjoyed over the fire.

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