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Specialized planning for planting concepts

With the planting planning we complete the design idea for gardens and terraces. The variety of perennials, grasses or woody plants is huge and offers countless combination possibilities. In plant planning, we do not only attach importance to an aesthetic appearance, but also include the building architecture as well as environmental planning, take into account the needs of the plants and your budget when choosing the location.

Planting planning for gardens

Plants bring gardens to life and with a coherent planting concept, the most beautiful corners of your garden become even more charming. With a view to the surroundings, the plants are carefully selected and appropriately staged. We take into account the sunlight, the composition, flowering times, colors, whether privacy screens are needed or a pathway is to be created - to name just a few aspects.Outdoor space through accents

Planting plan for terraces

Terraces bring with them particularly challenging conditions: Often plants on terraces are very exposed and have to withstand wind, sun and other environmental influences. In addition, the statics of the terrace determine which container sizes are possible and thus also which planting can be planned: Rather an ornamental tree or a low planting? With the right choice of plants can be created on terraces cozy privacy or a shady place.

Interior design through accents in the garden and on the terrace

Shaped shrubs and trees are often used in garden design as a space-creating element and structure the outdoor space or serve as eye-catchers at important design points. These individual specimen plants set specific accents and require the art of omission and precise placement during planning.

Looking for more inspiration for your personal project?

Private gardens

ALT - Small terrace garden with fountain

After the garden redesign, this terrace garden is a small garden oasis with a lot of privacy. A cozy recreation zone has been created in a small space. The focal point of the new terrace is the modern fountain, which attracts all eyes and at the same time is suitable for a refreshing cool down on hot summer days.

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Private gardens

ALT - meeting place in rural environment

A green oasis connects the two buildings in a rural setting and serves as a meeting place for the residents of the two houses. An additional wellness area and an invitingly designed entrance area provide additional harmony in the rural landscape.

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Private garden-with-natural-pool-TITLE
Private gardens

ALT - Private garden with natural pool

A calm garden design with few elements creates a cozy oasis of well-being. The redesign makes the garden look much more spacious and invites you to spend relaxing hours by the pool or on the seating areas.

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