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Garden Blog PARC'S | August 31 2023

Pflanze des Monats September: Prachtkerze (Gaura lindheimeri)

Die Prachtkerze (Gaura lindheimeri) trägt mit Stolz ihre hübschen Blüten und zaubert bis in den Herbst hinein bunte Farbtupfer in den Garten.


Botanical name: Gaura lindheimeri
German name: Prachtkerze
Family: Onagraceae (Evening primrosefamily )
Flowering time: July to October
Flowers: White, pink, lilac
Foliage: Summer green
Growth habit: Ornamental perennial, up to 100cm high
Origin: Southern North America

Details of the Gaura lindheimeri

Gaura lindheimeri is a deciduous, perennial flowering ornamental perennial native to southern North America. Its flowering period can last from June until the first frost under optimal conditions. This is precisely why this low-maintenance magnificent candle is very popular in garden design. The elliptically shaped leaves that grow on the graceful flower stems are reminiscent of small butterflies.

Due to its growth habit, it can fill almost any gap in the flower bed. Its peculiarity is that the flowering of each butterfly lasts exactly one day. Nevertheless, its beauty does not fade in flight. It keeps producing new enchanting flowers that attract nectar-seeking butterflies and bees. The two to three centimeter small single flowers are mostly white, pink or lilac and conjure up small eye-catchers in the flower bed. The ornamental perennial often changes its color during the day. While it blooms rather white in the morning, it appears in bright pink towards evening.

Magnificent candle prefers sunny places, which are protected from strong winds. Otherwise, there is a risk that the flower stalks bend. At the same time it thrives best in well-drained and dry soil. If the soil is heavy and has a high water and nutrient content, it can be loosened by adding some sand and gravel. In a suitable location, Gaura lindheimeri self-seeds, so division is not necessary. If the perennial is cut back after flowering, it will develop what are known as overwintering buds. The owners can then look forward to an impressive abundance of flowers next summer.

Use of the splendor candle in the design

Whether as a single plant or in groups - Gaura lindheimeri cuts a fine figure in every respect. Even very structured and straight gardens are beautified and loosened up by it. Our plant of the month does particularly well in a rose bed and in combination with grasses. It also fits perfectly in sunny borders and gravel beds. Together with lavender, the butterfly flowers provide variety and contrast with the long purple panicles. In a planter, the magnificent candle can also be admired on the terrace. The Gaura lindheimeri proves once again that a low-maintenance plant can also be a versatile eye-catcher.

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