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Mediterranean flair in the garden

This Mediterranean garden shows the potential even in smaller gardens. The optimal use of the area was created here by terracing with beautiful planting.

A steep slope gives way to a Mediterranean bathing garden

Vacations at home - this garden could not be described better. The materials, the furniture and the planting create an incredibly beautiful Mediterranean flair. From the living room, the remodeled garden already draws all eyes. The shimmering water of the new pool and the natural stone wall behind it with colorful planting form the center of the garden. A lawn area was retained next to the pool. A narrow strip of lawn was continued between the house and the pool. This provides more naturalness and an exciting interruption to the natural stone decking. The optional sunshades are not merely shade providers. Since there are other apartments above the garden, more privacy is created at the same time as well as a new sense of space.

Another highlight is the large lounge, which is located under the canopy. This is Kanfanar limestone, which was also used for the decking in the garden as well as the natural stone walls. Especially on hot days, the lounge area is a sun-protected retreat. Such a large lounge is not placed in a garden every day. A big compliment to our partner egli jona ag and the team on site, who mastered this challenge in a great way. 

The garden before and after the redesign

The steep slope was previously not only an unused area, but also not very nice to look at. By terracing, the garden gains usable space. To the left of the natural stone wall, a small path leads up between the planting to a gravel area that can be used as a seating area. The gradations create an exciting overall picture. Between the different levels, the space was used for selected plants. The grasses, lavender, and star globe leek provide soft transitions and splashes of color.

Planting concept for the new Mediterranean garden

In early summer, the garden comes to life. The star globe leek is in full bloom. The lavender is also slowly forming purple buds. The colorful planting creates a nice contrast with the lawn and the natural stone. Between them grow grasses, which have their flowering season in late summer. While they green the terracing in summer, in July they transform the ambience of the garden with their feathery inflorescences.

The different specimen shrubs play another important role in the garden. They attract attention and are significant for the creation of space in the open air. The multi-stemmed Pinus at the top of the terracing creates a new level in front of the green screen and breaks the straight lines. The green-leaved maple brings a certain elegance to the garden. Its impressive growth form casts a unique shadow play on the natural stone in front of the pool.

The Mediterranean garden is framed by a green hedge, which already exists and was extended here and there. It serves as a natural privacy screen and was supplemented with the new planting so that the green hedge gently recedes into the background.

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Planting list of this Mediterranean garden

  • Pennisetum alopecuroides (feather bristle grass)
  • Allium christophii (star globe leek)
  • Osmanthus burkwoodii (spring fragrant flower)
  • Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote (Dark Blue Lavender)
  • Thuja occidentalis Emerald (Occidental Tree of Life)
  • Sedum Matrona (stonecrop, autumn sedum)
  • Echinacea Sunset (Red Coneflower)
  • Buglossoides purpurocaerulea (Blue-red stone seed)

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