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Garden Blog PARC'S | 29 June 2023

Plant of the month July: Japanese maple (Acer japonicum)

Due to the diversity of species, the Acer japonicum illuminates any garden in beautiful colors. From green to yellow to crimson, it fits into any garden style.

Plant profile

Botanical names: Acer japonicum and Acer palmatum
German names: Japanese maple and Japanese fan maple
Family: Sapindaceae
Flowering time: April to May
Flowers: umbels, green-yellowish, inconspicuous
Fruits: various wing fruits depending on species and variety
Foliage: green to yellow and red
Growth habit: tree or large shrub
Origin: Japan

Details of the Acer japonicum

Acer japonicum and Acer palmatum are ornamental shrubs that impress with many different species in shape and color. Due to their diversity of species, the appropriate genus can be found for any garden size and style, as well as for planters. Despite the inconspicuous flowers, they are particularly popular in garden design. The Acer japonicum and palmatum set accents throughout the year due to their different foliage colors. They are particularly beautiful during the fall coloration: from yellow-orange to crimson, the leaves shine in the most beautiful colors. Some varieties bear red foliage all year round and bring colorful variety to the garden in spring and summer.

The Japanese maple forms a picturesque crown and is characterized by dense, deciduous foliage. Japanese maples are often used in an umbrella shape, as the trunk structure becomes visible due to the pruning. In addition, regular pruning is not necessary with Acer japonicum. The aesthetic crown forms naturally and does not decrease with age.

This versatile ornamental shrub likes a sunny to semi-shady location and appreciates a nutrient-rich, sandy-loamy soil. However, it is very sensitive to lime. Especially when planting in containers, care must be taken to ensure that the Acer japonicum receives neither too much nor too little water. The water balance must be even, so that it does not feel stressed.

Design examples with different maples

Use of the Japanese maple in the design

As you can see from the design examples of the preceding gardens and terraces, the plant of the month can be used very versatile. Nestled among other plants maple stands out because of the growth habit and color. In containers it gives an elegant atmosphere to any outdoor living room. In particular, as a solitary shrub, the Acer japonicum and palmatum make an impression and attract all eyes.

A special highlight in our references is the placement of three specimens that frame the garden by lighting at night. Due to the spotlights, the three trees look like sculptures and give the garden a new atmosphere at nightfall.

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