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Garden Blog PARC'S | July 10 2023

Successful completion of apprenticeship Nikolina Tepic - Congratulations!

Successful completion as draftswoman EFZ specializing in landscape architecture

We are very pleased that we can congratulate Nikolina in this blog post for passing her apprenticeship as draftswoman EFZ specializing in landscape architecture. Thank you for your commitment to us! It's great that we were able to accompany you during these years and experience your development.

From the very beginning, it was obvious that Nikolina has a true passion for landscape architecture. Her creative thinking and eye for detail have continued to evolve throughout her years of training and continue to impress us. Nikolina demonstrates a deep understanding of the harmony between the natural environment and design planning, and she always brings fresh ideas and innovative solutions to our projects.

Nikolina has consistently excelled throughout her training and we are impressed with her dedication and commitment.

We are all the more pleased that she will remain part of the team and support us in the future as project manager. 

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2 Responses

  1. Moin dear Parc`s Team!
    Thank you, for the open and honest performance descriptions!!!
    This is called employee motivation!!!
    Congratulations, also on this way from the currently sunny Hamburg!!!!
    Dagmar & Günter Ostendorf

    1. Dear Mrs. Ostendorf, dear Mr. Ostendorf

      We have forwarded her compliments to Nikolina. She thanks you very much for your kind congratulations and support during the last years. We wish them a sunny weekend in Switzerland and hope that their climbing plant grows properly!

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