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Garden Blog PARC'S | June 6, 2022

Pflanze des Monats Juni: Die Mohnblume (Papaver rhoeas)


Botanical name: Papaver rhoeas
German name: Mohnblume, Feldmohn, Klatschrose, Wilder Mohn, Klatschmohn
Flowering time: May to July
Flowers: shades of red, white, yellow

This month we would like to introduce you to an enchanting flower that can transform your garden into a veritable sea of color: the poppy. With its bright flowers and fascinating appearance, the poppy is a real eye-catcher.

Also known by the botanical name Papaver, our plant of the month belongs to the poppy family. It is characterized by its characteristic, often intense red flowers, which form a strong contrast with the green surroundings. But poppies also come in other colors such as orange, pink, purple and white. They give the garden a romantic and picturesque atmosphere.

Another advantage is the ease of care. It prefers sunny places with well-drained soil. Once the seeds are sown and the plants germinate, they require little additional watering. Poppies are also known for their resistance to pests and diseases.

Meaning of the poppy

Besides its aesthetic beauty, the poppy also has a symbolic meaning. In many cultures it represents sleep, transience and dreams. The delicate petals, which look like gossamer paper, give the poppy a certain delicacy and elegance.

Whether in flower beds, cottage gardens or modern gardens - the poppy is a real highlight and attracts attention. Due to its popularity, it also serves as an inspiration for art and literature. Let the beauty of the poppy enchant you and bring a touch of magic to your garden.

Garden design with the poppy

The fine flower gives the gardens a wonderful magic. They gently move in the wind. Thanks to their long flowering period, you can enjoy planting for a long time. Whether as a mixed planting or as a planting strip along the wall of the house, there are various options for the poppy. There are annual and perennial varieties.

Poppy is relatively undemanding and can cope even with little nutrients. The fine styles and flowers of the corn poppy give the garden something wild

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