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Garden Blog PARC'S | July 1, 2022

Plant of the month July: Spiraea

Summerstem belongs to the rose family and originally comes from the mountain forests of Japan, Korea or China. The ornamental shrub grows about 50 centimeters high.

Plant profile

Botanical Name: Spiraea
German Name: Spiere
Family: Rosaceae
Flowering Time: From June to and including August
Flowers: White, Pink, Red
Growth habit: Small shrub
Japan, Korea and China

Detail of the spar

The spirea belongs to the rose family (Rosaceae) and originally comes from Japan's, Korea's and China's mountain forests. The botanical name of the plant "Spiraea" is as decorative as its meaning: wreath. Thanks to the flat umbrella panicles that cover the whole shrub, the flowers create an artistic overall picture.

There are about 80 species. They differ, for example, in the height and shape of growth, flower color or flowering time. Some reach a height of growth of about 50 centimeters, others - 200 centimeters. In terms of growth habit, it can go from loose, airy and hemispherical to slender and pointed. The flower colors range from white to pink and red tones. The flowering period starts from June/July and continues for several weeks into August.

The Spiraea is particularly easy to care for, frost-hardy and does not need winter protection. It prefers a sunny to semi-shady location and a humus-rich sandy soil. Pruning is recommended in spring to promote dense growth of the plant and its flowering.

Use in design

The easy-to-care-for summer lime can be used in many ways in the garden. On the one hand, the dwarf shrub cuts a good figure as a ground cover for small as well as for large areas. On the other hand, it is suitable as a hedge plant that can stand alone or in combination with other woody plants and shrubs.

It is also popular as a specimen plant in containers to set accents in front of the house entrance, on the terrace or in the garden.  

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