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Garden Blog PARC'S | February 20, 2018

Gärten des Jahres 2018: Zwei PARC’S-Gärten mit dabei

Das neue Buch des Münchner Callwey Verlags mit dem Titel «Gärten des Jahres 2018» illustriert insgesamt 50 Privatgärten aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum. Wir von Parc’s Gartengestaltung GmbH sind darin gleich mit zwei Referenzobjekten vertreten.

The Callwey publishing house and the magazine "Garten + Landschaft" were on the lookout for the most beautiful private gardens in German-speaking countries for the third time and organized a competition among offices for landscape architecture and garden and landscape construction. Exactly 50 of all submitted projects were selected and vividly summarized in the book "Gardens of the Year 2018". In the book, an impressive variety of the most diverse private gardens is presented by means of more than 350 pictures and garden plans. In the exhibition of the same name at Schloss Dyck in Jüchen, all 50 particularly successful, realized private gardens will also be presented from February 8 to March 23, 2018. The competition is one of the most important industry events and provides excellent inspiration for garden planners and garden owners alike.

In the selection of the most beautiful private gardens, particular emphasis was placed on holistic concepts that individually transform the garden into the user's extended living and enjoyment space. There should be a strong idea behind it, to which plants and materials are subordinated. We successfully participated in the competition with two of our reference projects. The first reference project - a garden on a slope - captivates with its unusual combination of materials and provides a cozy retreat. The second reference object has a flowing transition between the adjacent edge of the forest and the structured garden. Both reference objects are vividly presented in the book "Gardens of the Year 2018".

The two selected gardens

Private garden with swimming pool
Garden Of The Year 2018 Playing With Light And Shade
Spiel mit Licht und Schatten

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