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Garden Blog PARC'S | September 8, 2020

Possible uses of wood in the garden

Garden design with wood creates a particularly harmonious atmosphere and emphasizes the closeness to nature. We show you how wood can be integrated into garden design and what beautiful eye-catchers can be achieved with it.

Wooden deck as a low maintenance surface

Wooden garden seating is not only easy to maintain and durable, but also creates a particularly warm atmosphere in the garden. The versatile natural product does not get too hot on hot summer days when the sun is strong and not as cold as, for example, stone slabs in cool weather. In addition, a deck divides the garden, creating a sense of space in the open air. A wooden deck fits both in the garden and in the winter garden.

Even entire patio floors can be lined with wood, creating a natural and warm ambiance.

Wooden walkway - a natural way through the garden oasis

A wooden walkway is a nice alternative to a classic garden path made of slabs or gravel. At the same time, it can be used to overcome minor differences in height. But mainly it serves as a connection between different garden areas or leads through the garden in a harmonious and original way. The warm natural product perfectly nestles into the surroundings and is an absolute eye-catcher. Very beautifully, a wooden walkway also acts as a guide to the water or even as a small footbridge over the body of water.

Wooden pool border

With a wooden pool border, the natural element of water is given even more expression. The wood radiates a warm and modern look and also has the advantage that it does not heat up strongly despite strong sunlight and can be walked on at any time even with bare feet. The pool technology can also be stored inconspicuously under the wooden deck.

Wooden pavilion

Fixed gazebo is classically built of wood. The house without complete side walls in its natural form perfectly fits into the garden and blends with the surroundings. In our example of a garden with a gazebo, the retreat has become the focal point of the garden and provides additional privacy and a coherent demarcation from the neighboring property.

More information about the garden with gazebo

Pergola and pergolas - robust and natural

Versatile natural product wood is also perfectly suitable for a protective pergola. A garden seating area with a pergola looks cozy and aesthetic. Overgrown with climbing plants, the pergola forms a protective roof for cozy hours in pleasant shade. But also an original pergola, which connects two different garden areas with each other and can also be covered with climbing plants, provides a very special eye-catcher in the garden.

Garden stairs - warm and timeless

To compensate for differences in height or as a connection between individual garden areas, stairs are often used in garden design. Instead of a simple gravel or concrete staircase, a staircase made of wood creates a unique and warm flair. In combination with the planting, the desired ambience is also created. In our reference garden "villa garden with lush planting", for example, a maritime flair was created by the many grasses and flowering shrubs.

Combination of wood and water

Especially in combination with water, the natural product wood creates beautiful effects. A wooden deck by the pool or pond, for example, creates an incomparable feeling of nature and a particularly warm and natural atmosphere and almost looks like a very private raft.

What wood is suitable in the garden or on the terrace?

Wood has different properties depending on the tree species. Basically, it should be weather-resistant for outdoor use and, depending on the area of application, the degree of hardness also plays a role. The domestic woods Robinia, Douglas fir and larch have a sufficient degree of hardness and survive weathering relatively well. For additional protection, the wood is pre-treated and thus remains beautiful longer. Pre-grayed wood is particularly practical: it looks grayed from the start and retains this natural look for years.

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