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Garden Blog PARC'S | September 7, 2018

Planting can do more than just look good

A special attention in any design is paid to planting. Plants give life to the garden, which is why planting planning is particularly important. Together with the customer's wishes, individual designs are created. But plants can do much more than just add color to a garden.

Plants as eye-catcher and privacy screen

This garden is located in the middle of a neighborhood. All around are other houses and yet the garden looks like a small, private oasis. The space-saving privacy screen at the edge, however, only contributes to this. The tall trees immediately draw the eye when entering the garden. With eye-catching purple blossoms, the planting is viewed on the ground and on the generous lawn, the trees cast a wonderful play of shadows. The plants chosen here draw the eye away from the surrounding houses, to the lovingly chosen details in the garden.

Plants for the promotion of biodiversity

A very special project was this natural garden in the region, where special attention was paid to biodiversity as well as a regional plant selection. A wonderful natural meadow with incredibly beautiful flowers looks light, playful and very charming. Next to a kitchen garden with herbs, a low water element was placed, where mölche can settle. The promotion of biodiversity runs through the entire garden. At the same time, elements such as the natural stone wall and the pergola make the garden look very thoughtful and set wonderful accents.

Plants with special fragrance

We can distinguish over 10,000 scents and have many associations with certain smells. When choosing plants, these very associations can be used to enhance feelings. Mediterranean-style gardens, for example, can be made even more authentic through the use of intensely scented plants such as rosemary, lavender or thyme.

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