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Garden Blog PARC'S | October 23, 2018

Planning and supervision of the outdoor area of a large plant

Not only beautiful private gardens are part of our daily routine. The outdoor area of this superstructure in central Switzerland was planned by us and accompanied during the implementation. The large complex impresses with a simple and modern appearance, which was the basis for the design of the outdoor area. The exterior design reflects the formal language of the houses and the planting plan was carefully chosen accordingly.

Since each section of the superstructure is first completed in itself and the trees are always planted per section, the time of planting the trees varies. Some were already planted in spring, others just now in October. To ensure that the quality of the trees remains the same throughout the site, all trees were selected in advance, summer baling was done and they were stored in the nursery. This way, the trees can be picked up exactly when they are needed.

Planning concept and project planning

Our experienced team dealt with the entire planning in advance. Similar to private customers, a planning concept, the floor plan and the detailed project planning were made. This was followed by the tendering process to find a suitable partner for the implementation. Plant planning is also particularly important for such a large-scale facility, because only plants bring the superstructure to life.

Impressions during the reconstruction of the large plant

During the construction phase, we accompany the redesign step by step. Regular visits are therefore also part of our daily program. In our gallery you will get an insight into such a redesign of a large plant. The path with straight lines has already been completed and leads to various ascents and descents. Here, too, the shape of the buildings was taken up again and placed harmoniously around them. Between the buildings, deliberately placed trees adorn the view into the distance. In addition, the planting serves as a visual screen between the future residents. On the first floor, the beautiful outdoor areas can already be seen, which are also harmoniously adapted to the shape of the buildings.

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