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Garden Blog PARC'S | May 20, 2020

Final examination of our apprentices

After completing her four-year training as a landscape designer, Viviane Fässler planned a complete garden design for the big final exam.

After four theoretical years at the vocational school and the practical work in our company, Viviane can prove her acquired knowledge at the final examination for landscape designer. The large final paper, which took about 100 hours of work, is now with the responsible experts for examination.

The planning concept

Viviane was given a predefined concept for the creation of her final project. Based on a specific task, such as the implementation of a wooden deck or a pergola, all components of the garden design had to be taken into account. Viviane planned the garden design in compliance with all standards and specifications and documented it in detail in her final thesis.


When drawing up the plans, all the components of the garden must be accurately calculated, drawn and labeled. The clear plan shows the viewer where which elements are installed and how the planned planting should look. The detailed plan should also comply with all standards and specifications in terms of presentation, such as uniform labeling or the complete legend. Viviane prepared different plans for the assigned project: While the detailed plan provides information about the planned elements, the planting plan shows exactly which plant will be placed at which location.


The visualization brings the customer closer to the finished garden. With a meaningful and carefully designed visualization, the customer can imagine what his future garden paradise will look like. Part of the final project was therefore also a visualization of the planned garden. Although a visualization is quite possible in the digital age with an appropriate program, Viviane took pen and paper here and created a detailed visualization by hand.

Evaluation of the thesis

The complete thesis, for which Viviane had around one month to complete, has now been sent to the subject matter expert for evaluation. In addition to their evaluation, the employer's evaluation is also included in the overall assessment.

Presentation and written exams

The big final exam as a landscape designer includes not only the planning of the project, but also the presentation of the same. In this special time of corona virus, the presentation of the final project will be done online. Viviane will present her garden design to the experts at the end of June 2020. Before that, however, the written exams will take place: Knowledge in job-specific subjects such as design & planning, algebra or soil science must also be proven for successful training as a landscape designer.

We are already looking forward to the evaluation of the final exam and hope that we will soon be able to congratulate Viviane on successfully passing the exam as a landscape designer. Good luck, dear Viviane!

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