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Garden Blog PARC'S | June 24, 2020

Rückzugsort & Treffpunkt zugleich

Portrait in the dream house - this garden is an oasis of peace for the family and at the same time invites to spend time together with friends.

For Traumhaus magazine, we have had the privilege of portraying our gardens several times or writing about specialist topics such as lighting options in gardens and on terraces. We very much appreciate the cooperation with the high-quality magazine with many inspiring articles and pictures and are pleased to find one of our highlights in the latest issue.

Einfamilienhausgarten mit Pavillon

"Having your own oasis of tranquility outdoors means relaxation right on your doorstep. If spending time at home feels like a vacation, then the design of the outdoor space has been successful."

Especially in the past few weeks, we have probably all spent more time than usual at home. Having our own outdoor retreat has therefore become all the more valuable. Our reference "Single-family house garden with gazebo" is a wonderful example of a personal oasis with plenty of privacy. The living and dining room is extended to the outside and can also be experienced at night thanks to the lighting concept.

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