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Garden Blog PARC'S | May 1, 2020


Die Pfingstrose (Paeonia) enthüllt im Frühling fantastische Blüten in den unterschiedlichsten Farben und zaubert ein asiatisches Flair in den Garten.


Botanical Name: Paeonia
German Name:Pfingstrose
Family: Paeoniaceae (Peonyfamily )
Flowering Time: May to June
Flowers: White, pink, red, yellow.
Summer green
Growth habit:
Asia, Europe

Paeonia details

Paeonia is a deciduous ornamental shrub that attracts all eyes, especially during the flowering period from May to June. During this period, the peony reveals beautiful flowers in white, yellow and all color compositions of red or pink. The Japanese varieties charm mainly with unfilled or semi-filled flowers, while the European varieties of Paeonia exude a pompous atmosphere due to the filled calyxes. Deciduous peony develops decorative light green leaves in spring, which are shed before autumn. Without a doubt, Paeonia is therefore a real eye-catcher in the garden, especially in the spring months. 

Paeonia requires a sunny to semi-shady location and likes a well-drained, moderately moist and nutrient-rich soil. This low-maintenance peony prefers a somewhat sheltered spot from the wind. Once in place, the peony can delight its owner with numerous blooms every spring for decades. Paeonia loses all its foliage in the fall, but survives the winter without problems and sprouts again in the spring. 

Use in design

Whether in the front garden or in the flower bed, Paeonia is particularly suitable as a single plant due to its impressive flowers. In combination with an early flowering ornamental leek, whose balls seem to float in the air, interesting eye-catchers are achieved. Often the peony also achieves wonderful color effects in playful and romantic gardens next to other shrubs with different flowering times: The image in the garden is constantly changing and the shrub combination provides colorful splashes of color at any time. However, the peony is also a special highlight in Japanese or Asian-inspired gardens, where it additionally emphasizes the exotic character of the garden. In principle, Paeonia also thrives in a planter and sets pretty accents in it in the garden or on the terrace, but the robust plant then needs a sufficiently large pot. Our plant of the month is not only versatile, but also a special eye-catcher until early summer.

PARC'S references

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Decorative accents with the right planter

Paeonia decorates many a garden or terrace in a pretty planter. The most diverse planters are available in the online store of Amadeo Ambiente. To the store

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