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Asian roof garden

Asian inspired roof garden

Azaleas, maple trees, ferns and well-placed boulders: the Asian design of this roof garden quickly becomes obvious. The terrace belongs to a new building and could be designed from the beginning according to the wishes of the client. The front part is characterized by the small lawn and the flowering shrubs in the left corner, above all the large rhododendron, which attracts attention with its large flowers, especially in spring, and also provides privacy. The rear part of the terrace is accessed via the treads in a gravel area. Here, away from the large seating area, a small secluded spot is hidden in the gravel, from which you can overlook the entire garden. The organically curved shapes of the beds as well as the polygonal form of the stepping stones give the long roof garden a playful and natural structure and take up the Asian design style again.

  • Planting


  • Rhododendron, umbrella shape
  • Acer palmatum, div. varieties (Japanese maple)

Woody plants

  • Rhododendron (Japanese azaleas)
  • Osmanthus (scented flower)


  • Polystichum setiferum 'Proliferum' (Filigree fern)
  • Polypodium vulgare (Spotted fern)
  • Asplenium scolopendrium (Deer's Tongue Fern)


  • Slabs + treads: San Bernardino gneiss
  • Chaussierung


  • Horticulture Landtwing AG

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