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Garden Blog PARC'S | March 3, 2023

Plant of the month March: Crocus crysanthus


Botanical name: Crocus crysanthus
German name: Kleiner Krokus / Balkan Crocus
Family: Iridaceae (irises)
Flowering time: February to April
Flowers: yellow, white, purple, blue
Summer green / retracts after flowering
Growth habit:
Geophyte / bulbous plant
Southeast Romania, Turkey

Plant details

Crocus crysanthus is a bulbous plant that enchants from February. The cup-shaped flowers with three stamens of the small crocus are arranged individually and appear in various colors, depending on the variety.

Crocus crysanthus reaches a height of 8-10 cm and grows upright. From the bulbs of the small crocus grow narrow leaves that resemble blades of grass.

Planted in autumn, Crocus crysanthus blooms from February to April. The protein- and vitamin-rich pollen is especially popular with bees and bumblebees. Crocus crysanthus especially likes a sunny location and a well-drained soil, but also thrives in sandy or stony soils.

Use in design

The dainty bulbous plant conjures up some color in the garden as early as February and is often the first harbinger of spring. Crocus crysanthus looks most beautiful when planted in large groups in the lawn or under woody plants. However, the Small Crocus also fits into garden beds or rock gardens and beautifies the terrace or balcony as a potted plant.

In combination with hyacinths or tulips Crocus Crysanthus allows for beautiful compositions. Our plant of the month not only announces spring, but also surprises with long blooming inflorescences: The splashes of color of the Lesser Crocus often remain until April.

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