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Garden Blog PARC'S | 10 March 2023

Gardens of the Year 2023: We are with you!

We have reason to celebrate: one of our gardens is one of the 50 most beautiful from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

We were very happy about this news. Callwey Verlag contacted us and informed us that one of our projects was one of the most beautiful private gardens from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A few days later we received a package with the book "Gardens of the Year 2023". We could hardly wait to leaf through it.

This garden is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland.

The existing property was extended with an annex. This newly created living area is directly connected to the existing house by a glass corridor. The large windows and glass sliding doors create a smooth transition between living space and garden [...].

Large and small gardens are portrayed in this year's edition. From romantic natural stone walls with wild planting to structured gardens with clean lines, the book offers plenty of inspiration and ideas for new gardens.

Excerpt from the article in the book, Written by Karl Ploberger and Konstanze Neubauer: "Moving life outside in the warm season with all the amenities such as a covered dining area and private pool - that's what the young family with children wanted. And of course with appropriate privacy, because the property is located in the middle of a densely built-up residential neighborhood, surrounded by apartment buildings and high apartment complexes."

Yannick Rothen, Managing Director PARC'S

Implementation Horticulturist: egli jona ag
Irrigation in the garden: GardenTec

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