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Gemütliche Terrasse für sonnige Stunden

This garden has a lot of potential. However, currently it is dominated only by slabs and lawn. Therefore, the client has a strong desire for a cozy outdoor living room. In order to give the client a better idea of the new garden, a 3D visualization was created showing different variants and perspectives.

The house is located in a gorgeous setting and is surrounded by mountains and hills. For this reason, the new garden design should also take into account the view and not hide it. In planning are a new terrace and a redesign of the garden, which aesthetically pack all these needs and desires into an overall concept.

Two terraces for pure relaxation

The spacious area is to receive a cozy terrace with a wooden deck. Due to the wood, it radiates a warm atmosphere, which invites you to linger and relax. A dining table allows outdoor meals on warm summer days. In addition, the terrace offers enough space for a spacious lounge, where you can come to rest.

Around the house are laid natural stone slabs that contribute to the homely ambience.

To increase the well-being, the client wants a private sauna with sanitary facilities. The peaceful and quiet atmosphere provides the necessary rest after a day of work. Directly in front of the sauna is a second wooden deck terrace. Here the surroundings and nature can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Create order through lush planting

The landscaping is intended to be both lush and orderly. Part of the lawn will remain and will be broken up by individual stepping stones. They lead from the house to the sauna. Individual planted islands give the garden freshness and a distinctive character. Hydrangeas and grasses are a highlight not only in summer but also in autumn. 

Individual multi-stemmed solitary shrubs protrude from the islands. Together with the wooden deck of the terrace, the islands contribute to the spatial formation of the garden.

In addition, the entire garden is surrounded by a hedge, which provides the necessary privacy during the hours of relaxation. When choosing the hedge and planting, care was taken not to disturb the picturesque view of the mountains and the distance. In this way, the clientele can continue to enjoy their view into the distance.

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