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Garden Blog PARC'S | 15 March 2023

Missed Giardina? Here are four sources of inspiration for your dream garden

In order for the personal dream garden to come into being, good preparation is necessary. Therefore, it is worth obtaining inspiration from various sources.

It's already March and spring is just around the corner. Although it is still rainy at the moment, but it is already worth thinking about the garden design. With enough early preparation, nothing stands in the way of your personal dream garden for the summer.

The Giardina

Giardina is the perfect place to gather inspiration for garden spaces. At the indoor fair in Zurich, the latest trends and creative implementation options for your own garden are shown. The fair lasts until March 19, 2023, but don't worry if you can't find the time to visit the event. We show you here four other sources for the necessary inspiration, which you can visit.

Tip 1: The garden villa

Our partners from the Gartenvilla offer everything your heart desires in outdoor design. In the show garden in Aathal-Seegräben you will find ideas for your personal terrace and garden design. In the Gartenvilla you can take a look at the different possibilities right on the spot and get advice on them. Our partner can help you with the choice of materials. From natural stones to granite slabs to various lighting options, you can take a closer look at everything and let us show you the advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, matching garden furniture and planters are also displayed there. Here, the garden villa focuses on quality and aesthetics. Especially in the furnishing of your outdoor living room can be played with and exchanged a lot. The matching accessories can not be missing and can be a real eye-catcher in the garden. Amadeo Ambiente offers an even larger selection. The webshop presents a variety of clay pots and lamps that can be used in the garden.

The element of water is not neglected in the show garden. The water has a calming effect and lets us relax after the stressful everyday life. There are a total of seven different pools to marvel at. The Swiss SPA pool with its sandy beach look brings the Mediterranean Sea right to your doorstep. With the Living Pools you can finally do without any chemicals, as they clean themselves naturally. Furthermore, you will find a mini pool, the so-called C-Side Pool, also in the garden villa. Thus, you can make your own picture and let the findings flow into the planning of your personal oasis of well-being.

In contrast to Giardina, you can visit the Garden Villa all year round. You can find the current opening hours here.

Tip 2: Pinterest

A popular online tool for garden inspiration is the platform Pinterest. On Pinterest, you can create an album yourself with the images you like best. Here's how it works:

  1. Create an account at:
  2. Create a pinboard with a theme, such as "My dream garden with pool" or "Planting for the garden".
  3. Search for images which you like. Pinterest automatically suggests you new things all the time
  4. Visit our Pinterest account. Here you will find many different suggestions for each garden theme that you can add to your pinboard

Tip 3: Advisor

On our website are filed practical guides to garden design, which are updated regularly. In the manual of the seven garden styles you can learn about the different directions, how to design your private garden and what you like best.

Planting options are explained in the Planting Concepts Manual. It also addresses your needs and how pronounced your green thumb is. Information is provided on low-maintenance options for your own garden or even which plants are suitable for a green privacy screen.

The last guidebook deals with the topic of water and how the individual pools differ from each other. Here, all varieties are taken up and briefly and succinctly summarized to the most important. Thus, you get an overview of the individual properties and how they match your needs.

You can download the individual guides here:

Tip 4: References

We regularly photograph and report on our finished gems. From patio and garden design to pools, ponds and fountains, you'll find plenty of inspiration for your personal outdoor living room. The gardens are always designed according to individual customer needs. With the help of these references, you can quickly find out what should not be missing in your own green paradise. The photos are helpful at the first meeting with a garden planning, because one can show the own desires immediately visualized. In addition, trends that will be presented at Giardina can be shown by means of examples.

What happens after your visit to Giardina?

With these four tips, you can now get enough inspiration for your dream garden, even outside Giardina. Whether it's a large or small garden, it doesn't matter. There are countless possibilities for the design of the outdoor living room.

How to proceed with the garden planning, our CEO explains in the following video. If you are interested in a no-obligation consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing about your personal project.

Do you have questions about this article or about the process of your personal garden project? We are here to help you. Contact us personally or write a comment.

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