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Garden Blog PARC'S | 28 March 2023

Pflanze des Monats April: Asiatischer Blüten-Hartriegel (Cornus kousa)

Cornus kousa (Asiatischer Blüten-Hartriegel) ist ein beliebtes Gehölz für den Garten. Von Mai bis Juni enthüllt die elegante Pflanze wunderschöne weisse Blüten.


Botanical name: Cornus kousa
German name: Asiatic flowering dogwood
Family: Hartriegelgewächse (Cornaceae)
Flowering time: May - June
Flowers: Four-petaled white to pink bracts
Berries: Reddish to orange-red, raspberry-like fruits; edible
Foliage: Summer green, fall color
Growth habit: Shrub or small tree
Origin: Asia

Cornus kousa details

As an elegant shrub or tree, Cornus kousa is a popular specimen shrub in garden design. The Asian Flowering Dogwood blooms from May to June, with star-shaped, white to pink flowers spread profusely throughout the shrub. The slow-growing shrub has upward-growing side branches and oval, dark green leaves.

Cornus kousa looks especially beautiful in the fall: the foliage with scarlet autumn color remains for a long time, and the plant is also adorned with small, raspberry-like fruits. These fruits are even edible and taste slightly sweet.

Asian flowering dogwood likes sunny to partial shade and grows best in humus to acidic soil. Cornus kousa is basically low-maintenance and robust and tolerates frost as well as heat or drought. Only in the first year after planting the shrub should be watered regularly.

Also in our show garden is a magnificent flowering dogwood and blooms long and beautifully. In the garden villa we advise the visitors on site. The perfect place for inspiration and garden know-how.

Use of the Asian flower dogwood in the design

Thanks to its mostly bushy growth habit, Cornus kousa is particularly suitable for front gardens, parks and larger areas. As a small shrub, however, it also enhances borders and, in a sufficiently large planter, is a real eye-catcher even on terraces. Whether in the summer months or in autumn, our plant of the month is a real feast for the eyes at different times of the year.

PARC'S references

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