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Garden blog PARC'S | May 10, 2024

The C-Side Pool: harmony, elegance and timeless design

Der C-Side Pool lässt sich mithilfe der individuellen Ausstattung zu einem Highlight im Garten machen.

Every garden redesign is different. No two customers' wishes are the same. Sometimes even small changes are enough to create a personal paradise. The clever integration of a C-side pool gives the garden a completely new feel.

The transformation of the garden through the C-Side Pool

A few years ago, this outdoor living room was embellished with a fountain. To create additional added value, the front area of the garden was extended with a C-side pool. The mini-pool can be placed in any garden and equipped individually.

The swimming pool is set apart from the rest of the garden by a step, creating a new structure. The Mediterranean flair of the light-colored slabs has also been incorporated around the swimming pool. The wooden deck provides a slight contrast. The pool technology is concealed underneath. 

The fascinating "Ebeno" glass mosaic design enhances the C-Side Pool. Depending on the sunlight and viewing angle, it gives the pool a new color and creates reflections that make the durable material a highlight in the garden.

The equipment options for the mini pool are varied. Massage jets and LED lights have been integrated into this C-side pool. As a result, the pool shines in a completely new light at dusk and creates the atmosphere of a wellness oasis. The C-side pool can be heated up to 40°C, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life even on colder spring and fall days.

Harmony between the existing and the new

The addition of the C-side pool has created enormous added value. The existing plants continue to serve as privacy screens and structure the garden. While the existing garden at the side of the house has a cozy lounging area by the fountain, the front area has also been extended. The new center of the garden is located directly off the living room. With a lounge, the spacious dining table and the swimming pool, life in the open air can now be enjoyed to the full. The new elements have been integrated into the garden in such a way that a harmonious overall concept has been created. It is almost as if all the elements have found their way into the garden at the same time.

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