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Garden Blog PARC'S | November 7 2020

Visualisierungsworkshop – Know How und Teambildung

Our visualization workshop in Jona - We exchanged ideas and practiced diligently.

An important part of our workflow are the visualizations. These are so important for the customer because they get the first look at the new garden from the future perspective. After all, it is not only the layout of the garden or terrace that plays an important role in the planning process. The visual relationships are just as important a factor in creating space outdoors.

The visualizations create a feeling for the layout and the effect of the newly created outdoor area. This step is also important for us as planners, because we can add changes and wishes during the planning phase. Such adjustments are easier on paper than during implementation. Through these visualizations, we can plan a smooth process so that the garden or terrace can be implemented exactly as planned. This saves a lot of time, because we do not have to make fundamental changes during the construction phase. Because again, good planning is the foundation for any successful redesign.

At the end of October, we organized an internal workshop for such visualizations. We looked at various perspectives and took a close look at our work. During the workshop, we gave each other tips, exchanged ideas and were able to develop further as a team.

"It was really impressive! For example, I drew a bench that was calculated correctly from the perspectives, but didn't look right to me as a single object. When I integrated the bench into the overall picture, it fit perfectly! The careful work pays off. I also learned that a coherent overall picture is much more important than each individual line." Nikolina Tepic - apprentice landscape designer in the 2nd year of her apprenticeship.

Visualization examples

Last month we drew a design idea for three terraces. Exactly with such visualizations we made the design proposals. Here you can find the post with three different terrace ideas:

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