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Garden Blog PARC'S | February 4, 2020

Umfrage: Unsere schönsten Gärten – Ihre Meinung interessiert uns!

The wishes and needs of our clientele are the core in the planning of dream gardens. Thus - taking into account all necessary aspects - many timeless dream gardens have already been created, which delight their owners every day anew. Your opinion is important to us so that we can continue to know what garden lovers particularly value in their personal outdoor living space.

Take part in our short survey and vote for our most beautiful reference gardens. As a small thank you, you will receive a voucher worth 10% off an order in the Amadeo Ambiente online store.

1. living garden with attention to detail

This homey garden exudes a cozy comfort. A wooden deck with lounge playfully overlaps the pool area and is one of the many elements in this interesting mix of materials. Gravel, masonry, wood, flagstone, shapely slabs and paving harmonize perfectly with each other and provide remarkable contrasts.

2. versatile family garden with swimming pool

Located in the corner of the garden, the swimming pool attracts the views from all three parts of the garden. A patio area with a cozy lounge is perfect for lounging while the large lawn offers plenty of space for playing. At the back of the garden, a shaded seating area with gravel and a lush hydrangea planting also allows for a beautiful visual relationship with the swimming pool.

3. belgian english dream garden

The garden design extends the interior in the Belgian-English style. This homey, warm garden with an interesting mix of materials is softened by plantings to the left and right of the lawn, exuding a soft touch. A lounge area at each end of the garden further softens the narrow layout. At the same time, a water feature is skillfully staged to provide a gentle and soothing splash.

4. cozy terrace design

The homely furnishing concept turns this terrace into a real outdoor living room. The modern brown tones of the furniture harmonize with the wooden deck, the privacy screen as well as the lounger, creating a warm atmosphere. Airy planting in modern planters separate the slightly elevated lounge level from the dining area with a large table, creating a permeable space.

5. character garden

Precisely chosen and carefully placed, large trees give this garden a particularly strong character and skillfully conceal surrounding houses. Amidst the gentle planting of grasses, perennials and shrubs, the Scots pines with deep-cracked bark tower like sculptures. Clean lines and playful gravel paths round out the garden design.

6. terrace with pool

The existing terrace overlooking the lake has been transformed into a blue oasis. In the rear terrace area, a crystal clear pool invites you to swim and enjoy a wonderful lounge area by the water, while the front terrace area with dining area, armchairs and loungers can be used for a cozy get-together.

All pictures of our versatile reference gardens can be found here.

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