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Gardens of the Year 2023: We are with you!

We have reason to celebrate: One of our gardens is one of the 50 most beautiful from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland! We were very happy about this news. The Callwey publishing house contacted us and informed us that one of our projects is one of the most beautiful private gardens from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A few days [...]

Article in the magazine Traumhaus: GARTENPRACHT

We are pleased that we have again appeared in the magazine Traumhaus with a report. This time we were allowed to report on a garden with swimming pond. The garden impresses with a new room layout, which divides the garden into two levels. Thus, the slope was overcome and the entire area was made usable. These new spatial conditions were achieved by the [...]

The infinity pool

Infinity pool, Living pool, Natural pool, Swimming pool, Garden

The infinity pool captivates with its effect: the pool seems endless and you have the impression that the water disappears into nothingness.