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Modern garden design with pergola

Clever room layout with a homely character

The garden design perfectly flatters the modern house. The clever arrangement of the squares creates a homely atmosphere and makes the entire oasis of well-being look spacious. Swimming pool, gazebo and lawn structure the garden and create a loose overall picture. The natural stone walls in the garden create an arch to the building architecture by picking up the natural stone cladding of the lower house area.

The pavilion becomes a real highlight as a stylishly furnished outdoor living room: the slight elevation provides an overview and also creates an exciting sequence of rooms. The half-height little walls not only fit in visually, but also offer a functional benefit as a seating option. Thanks to a suitable lighting concept, the pavilion invites you to linger even when darkness falls.

Modern country style in the garden

The garden of this family house is lovingly decorated in modern country style: wicker and clay planters, textiles and wooden furniture contrast with the modern architecture of the house and yet harmonize perfectly. Many warm and loose materials such as wood, gravel and natural stone add charm to the garden and break the straight forms of the design. The planting design relies on a reduced variety of this discreet planting, but all the more impressive plants.

Classic swimming pool

The classic swimming pool is like a mirror surface at the end of the garden and connects the surroundings with the garden: from the gazebo the view glides over the green of the lawn, the smooth water surface to the landscape in the background with the fantastic view of the lake .

During the garden remodeling & after




  • Acer palmatum high trunk (Jap. Maple)
  • Acer palmatum umbrella form (Jap. Maple)


  • Prunus laurocerasus hedge (cherry laurel)
  • Hydrangea macrophylla (Peasant hydrangea)


  • Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides (lampbush grass)


  • Wisteria sinensis (Wisteria)


  • Vulkano Black: plates, steps
  • Chaussierung
  • Screen wall: wood
  • Pavilion: concrete, wood
  • Walls: Luserna concrete
  • Wood deck


  • Hauser gardens


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