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Private garden with natural pool

Clear and cozy

More space was to be created in the previously narrow-looking garden. The client wanted an open outdoor area with a natural pool for natural bathing fun. With the Living Pool technology, a water paradise without chlorine or planted regeneration zone was created here. Space-saving slope shoring made it possible to create more space on the garden level. A fireplace, which was hardly used, as well as a planted pergola were removed and have given the new garden additional space and air. In the area of the garden house, a natural pool invites for bathing and swimming. The proximity to the covered seating area creates an incomparable pool house feeling. From the cozy seating area, you look down on the two gargoyles by the pool, which create a playful atmosphere. The natural element of water is further emphasized by the wooden pool surround. Stone slabs with brownish inclusions create a warm and lively ambience.

Relaxing retreat

Between the covered seating area by the pool and a cozy lounging area in a secluded alcove, a brick staircase with a side landing leads to the house access. The practical garden shower is also embedded in this construct and is hardly noticeable. The natural stone walls set interesting accents in the garden. 

The densely planted retaining wall in front of the living room window was deliberately preserved. It offers a beautiful view to the outside and fits perfectly into the garden area in front of it. In this area, a gravel surface with natural stone treads provides liveliness. From the simple seating area with two armchairs, framed by fragrant lavender, the entire garden with natural pool and green lawn can be overlooked. The garden is bordered by an evergreen hedge on the running meter, which provides a nice privacy screen. The space-saving hedge is supported by a climbing structure. Umbrella-shaped woody plants with flowery underplanting soften the enclosure and attract the eye.

The deliberately simple planting has created a low-maintenance garden, which nevertheless allows beautiful combinations throughout the year by the choice of plants. The quiet garden design with few elements makes the garden look much larger and invites you to spend relaxing hours.

Before garden design & after

Private garden-with-natural-pool-2
Private garden-with-natural-pool-1



  • Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' (Fan Maple)
  • Cornus kousa 'China Girl' (flowering dogwood)
  • Parrotia persica (Ironwood tree)
  • Prunus lusitanica (Portuguese Cherry Laurel)


  • Hydrangea macrophylla 'Soeur Therese' (garden hydrangea)


  • Anemone sylvestris (anemone)
  • Astilbe chinensis var. Pumila (Pumila)
  • Carex morrowii (sedge)
  • Cortaderia selloana (pampas grass)
  • Helleborus niger (Christmas rose)
  • Hosta plantaginea (Funkie)
  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote' (Lavender)
  • Luzula nivea (Snow white grove)
  • Thymus serpyllum (thyme)
  • Tiarella cordifolia (foam flower)


  • Ivy fence / hedge running meter
  • Parthenocissus tricuspidata 'Veitchii' (maiden vine)
  • Lonicera pileata (honeysuckle)


  • Luserna gneiss: slabbing, stepping slabs, wall, stairs, pool edging, spouts
  • Wood deck
  • Chaussierung


  • Planter Eternit
  • Living Pool
  • Shower


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