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A family garden with living pool

This family garden can be entered via two different stairways. Regardless of which side you enter, the garden immediately captivates you. The large area is transformed by the clever division into a space under the open sky. The center of the garden is clearly the naturally cleaned Living Pool, which is framed by the wall and a modern wooden deck.

It was important to the family to create a mixture between clean lines and a nested garden. Indeed, the outdoor living space should become a meeting place for family and friends. The children should be able to let off steam in the garden, which is why generous lawn areas were included in the design. The swimming pool, the trampoline and the climbing dome make the garden a highlight for the kids. But also for rest is provided: Different retreat areas such as a lounge at the pool and at the house offer enough space for conversations or a reading for yourself. The lighter furniture can be easily placed where you just feel like dangling your soul.

Access and spectacular delivery of the pool basin

The implementation of the garden was not easy due to the location of the plot. "Statically and constructionally, the slope posed a challenge, as the access road also did not allow all machines to be used. Due to our large machine park, an ideal implementation could be ensured even so," says Daniel Egli of egli jona ag.

Since access to the garden was not possible by truck, the prefabricated basin was delivered by helicopter. The basin was placed at the foot of the hill, where the HELISWISS stood ready. After the helicopter took off, the basin was fixed and flown directly into the garden. Above the prepared excavation, the basin was slowly brought into position. Using the attached ropes, the team on the ground was able to turn the basin into the correct position before it was definitely placed.

The family garden before and after the transformation

Where before there was a steep slope and wild bushes that did not allow the use of the area, there is now an open area with a living pool. The lawn still offers plenty of space for the children to play. The retaining wall behind the pool has significantly increased the size of the garden.  

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Implementation: egli jona ag

Plants used in the family garden


  • Prunus lusitanica 'Angustifolia', Portuguese bay cherry Umbrella shaped
  • Tsuga canadensis, Canadian hemlock Umbrella shaped
  • Parrotia persica, ironwood tree umbrella shaped
  • Quercus rubra, red oak
  • Osmanthus burkwoodii, spring fragrant flower umbrella-shaped
  • Syringa vulgaris 'Charles Joly', noble lilac


  • Hydrangea paniculata 'Bobo', panicle hydrangea
  • Pink ground cover rose
  • Prunus lusitanica 'Angustifolia', Portuguese Cherry Laurel
  • Ribes rubrum, red currant
  • Rubus BrazelBerry 'Raspberry Shortcake', raspberry
  • Rubus BrazelBerry 'Baby Cakes', blackberry
  • Vaccinium corymbosum 'BrazelBerry', blueberry

Grasses and perennials

  • Carex morrowii, Japan sedge
  • Vinca minor, Small evergreen

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