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Garden Blog PARC'S | May 6, 2022

Plant of the month May: Osmanthus burkwoodii

Spring fragrant flower attracts attention, because the multitude of snow-white and dainty flowers give a striking bloom.

Plant profile

Botanical name: Osmanthus burkwoodii
German name: Frühl ings-Duftblüte
Family: Oleaceae (Olive family)
Flowering time: April and May
Flowers: Color white, sweetish and strong fragrance
Growth habit
: Medium-high ornamental shrub
: China

Detail shots of spring fragrance flower

Evergreen and hardy plant attracts attention from afar, because the multitude of snow-white and dainty flowers give a striking bloom. The dark green leaves have an elliptical shape and with a length of two to four cm each, they surround the white flowers.

As a fragrant plant, it exudes a sweet fragrance that gently caresses the nose. The fragrant scent of the flowers also helped the plant to get its name. The name osmanthus is composed of the words osme and anthos, which means fragrance and flower.

Spring fragrance flower in the garden design

Osmanthus burkwoodii feels most comfortable in a well-drained soil rich in nutrients and humus. Also, the shrub prefers a sunny to semi-shaded location, ideally protected from icy winds. In general, the spring fragrant flower is an extremely robust plant that is hardly susceptible to pests and diseases. This makes it one of the easier to care for plants in the garden.

Due to the growth height of three meters and a growth width of one meter, it is suitable in smaller gardens on the one hand, on the other hand it can be used as a hedge privacy screen.

The shape of the plant is customizable to meet any desire. As a slow-growing plant, it retains the desired shape after pruning. Especially since it also makes a first-class impression in containers, with its glossy and dark green leaves.

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