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Garden Blog PARC'S | August 2, 2018

Miscanthus sinensis

Chinese reed Miscanthus sinensis is an ornamental grass that reveals its playful flower fronds from August to October, adding interesting accents to the garden.


Botanical name: Miscanthus sinensis
German name: Chinaschilf
Family: Sweet grasses (Poaceae)
Flowering time: August to October
Flowers: Silvery-white to reddish-brown
Summer green
Growth habit: Ornamental grass
China, Japan, Korea

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Use in design

Miscanthus sinensis is an imposing ornamental grass that reveals its playful flower fronds from August to October and provides an eye-catcher in any garden. Miscanthus sinensis grows up to 200 cm tall, depending on the variety, and is suitable for border plantings and rock gardens, but also looks good in planters. Miscanthus sinensis is also suitable as a screen - however, the ornamental grass does not reach its final size until early summer. The ornamental grass is also called Chinese reed due to its origin and inspires with its uncomplicated longevity. Miscanthus sinensis has deciduous foliage, which is sometimes interspersed with white stripes. The Chinese reed adds interesting accents to the garden with its linear, architectural-looking growth habit. In winter, Miscanthus sinensis can be tied up and only slowly unfolds a fresh green again in spring, revealing its impressive flower fronds from August until autumn. The low-maintenance Chinese reed likes a sunny location and moderately moist and water-permeable soil.

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