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PARC'S Garden Blog | December 2, 2019

Ilex aquifolium

An evergreen shrub, Ilex aquifolium has toothed and glossy foliage and reveals attractive drupes in winter.


Botanical name: Ilex aquifolium
German name: European holly
Family: Aquifoliaceae (hollyfamily )
Flowering time: May to July
Flowers: White
Fruits: Bright red drupes
Growth habit:
Shrub, up to 500 cm high

Plant details

Ilex aquifolium is an evergreen shrub that grows slowly and broadly and can reach 500 cm in height. European holly has dark green, glossy and toothed foliage that adds green highlights to the garden even during the dreary winter months. From May to July, Ilex aquifolium develops many small, white flowers that readily attract bees and bumblebees. However, the European holly makes its grand entrance during the winter months: Then it shows a pretty fruit dress of bright red fruit pearls. The delicate fruits remain on the tree for a long time and provide important food for birds, which is why Ilex aquifolium is also a valuable bird feeder. However, the fruits are poisonous to humans. The European holly is also a protected plant in Switzerland and may not be damaged or uprooted in its natural habitat.

The European holly likes a semi-shady to shady location and prefers a humus-rich, moist and rather acidic soil. Ilex aquifolium is hardy and can handle lower temperatures during the winter. The undemanding European holly has its natural habitat in coniferous and deciduous forests and therefore feels particularly comfortable with an additional mulch layer of bark humus during the winter months.

Use in design

Ilex aquifolium is particularly suitable as a hedge or border plant. As an underplanting of larger shrubs or trees, the European holly provides pretty contrasts. However, Ilex aquifolium also does well as a single plant in a sufficiently large planter throughout the year, providing attractive accents. The combination of the bright red fruits and the glossy, dark green foliage also provides a pretty decoration during Advent. Our plant of the month is not only versatile, but also a real eye-catcher during the winter months.

Decorative accents with the right planter

Ilex aquifolium in a pretty planter enhances many a garden or terrace throughout the year. The most diverse planters are available in the online store of Amadeo Ambiente. To the store

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