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Garden Blog PARC'S | February 7 2023

Gartentrends 2023 – Aktuelle Themen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

As every year, we have discussed current topics from the garden world together with our partners and compiled our garden trends in this blog. This is not only about design trends, but also about equipment options, planting concepts and other topics that we are currently dealing with.

Natural and yet modern

Instead of straight lines, playful planting areas are in demand. This in no way means that a modern design of the outdoor space is lost. Rather, it's about combining modern architecture with casual and natural planting. For example, curved areas with lush grasses and perennials frame modern gardens. Solitary trees provide an elegant eye-catcher and structure the outdoor space.

Modern means not only a timeless look, but also sustainable construction of the garden, as well as the use of technology in the garden. More about the silent helpers in the garden, see the section on rainwater harvesting below.

Promote native plants and biodiversity

To ensure that the areas around the planting also remain low-maintenance, plants should be selected that do not shed much foliage. In addition, we try to make it more difficult for weeds to grow due to the lack of sunlight by using dense planting and / or ground covers.

Therefore, when preparing the planting list, it is necessary to compile appropriate combinations for the desired level of care, which will meet the visual expectations.

Low-maintenance plants include coneflower, steppe sage, magnificent candle, autumn anemones or various grasses. The choice of plants depends on the location in the garden and is worked out accordingly in the concept.

Rainwater harvesting and irrigation with a smart soil moisture sensor

A soil moisture sensor allows irrigation to be even more targeted. At a depth of about 20 centimeters, the device measures the moisture. This is especially important in summer, because after a strong thunderstorm only the top layer of the soil is moist. Mistakenly, many neglect watering after a summer thunderstorm.

So by connecting to a smart watering solution, the plants in the garden are optimally supplied. Of course, you can also intervene manually and make the desired settings via your smartphone. Already in many gardens, not only the irrigation system but also a robotic mower makes gardening easier.

Regional and natural materials

Not only plants should come from our latitudes if possible, but also the materials used. Especially with natural stones we pay attention to a regional choice. Also from Switzerland we enjoy a variety of different natural stones from regional quarries.

Wood is also popular for seating areas or decking on the terrace. Even on hot summer days, wood remains walkable. Wood is also ideal as a privacy screen. With its natural look, it blends harmoniously into any outdoor area. The exact appearance of the end product depends on the personal preferences of the customer. One thing is clear, however: there are many different ways to incorporate decking and privacy screens into the design.

Natural pools - cleaned with a biofilter

Bathing without chemicals: This is possible with natural pools. But if you think of newts and water plants, you're wrong about a biopool. Visually, a natural pool is no different from a conventional swimming pool. Thanks to modern technology, phosphate is filtered out, which is essential for algae to survive. This allows the construction of modern pools without the need for a planted regeneration zone. The swimming area remains crystal clear, without the use of chemicals.

This natural alternative is very well received by our clientele. Not only because the feeling of bathing is similar to that in the lake and the water is gentle on the skin, but also because the running costs for such a swimming pool are sustainable in the long term.

Here you can find our pool brochure with the different options in pool construction.

Modern and efficient planning

In the last point we would like to talk about the latest possibilities in garden planning. For our customers the planning should be understandable and comprehensible - in every phase of the planning. We use the latest possibilities of garden planning, from the concept over the visualization to the support during the execution. With 3D visualizations we provide insight into the new outdoor area. Because it is not always easy to visualize concepts on paper. With a planning process, which is discussed in advance, we provide clarity.

You can find out more about our planning processes here: How we work.

We are constantly evolving our approach, addressing current challenges in patio and garden design, considering how to make the ongoing effort of a finished project as sustainable as possible, and incorporating the needs of our clientele into our work processes and garden design. We look forward to the upcoming gardening season.

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