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Garden Blog PARC'S | July 3, 2020

Garteninspiration: Mauern im Garten

Eine Gartenmauer ist nicht nur eine praktische Abgrenzung, sondern auch ein verbindendes und dekoratives Element in der Gartengestaltung.

Walls as a border and privacy screen

In the personal retreat under the open sky privacy is particularly important. Walls can be used to enclose the garden and at the same time protect it from unwanted glances. However, this privacy screen made of a wall does not have to look boring or constricting, because depending on the type of wall and the material used, such a demarcation can be harmoniously integrated into the garden design and blends naturally with the surroundings. Especially natural stone walls provide the natural effect and at the same time are a decorative element in the garden. In combination with a deliberately chosen planting, a natural stone wall becomes a special eye-catcher in the garden. Each of these walls is unique and can range from a Mediterranean to a modern ambience, depending on the choice of stone.

However, walls made of exposed concrete are also in vogue and can be implemented as a design element in the garden. The modern material is a real highlight in combination with a rich green. The straight lines can be broken by planting under the wall, creating a modern and at the same time playful image.

Space-saving and especially because of the lower weight, wooden privacy screens are a good choice. The walls are often made of individual vertical elements of wood or metal, which are connected by wooden slats.

Support and conceal slopes

In uneven terrain and to delimit the garden walls are often used. These even out the different levels and ensure that the entire garden area can be used. At the same time retaining walls are necessary to support slopes. The slopes can be additionally enhanced with attractive planting, so that the wall blends harmoniously into the garden design.

Seat walls - decorative and practical

Small walls in the garden are a special eye-catcher and at the same time provide a place to sit. In addition, the wall can be used as a surface for decorations, vessels and lanterns. By planting flowering perennials, grasses or herbs, a stone wall is additionally loosened up and blends harmoniously into the garden design.

Creation of space through walls

With a wall, a garden can be divided in an individual way and divided into different areas. Especially in large gardens, where often a boring lawn dominates, a wall allows an interesting division of space and the garden gets even more the character of a versatile outdoor living room. Low walls maintain the generosity and spaciousness, but the different garden areas are connected by a special highlight. The wall as a space divider becomes a striking, decorative and yet discreet element in the garden.

Lighting the walls

Extend the interior space to the outside even after daylight is possible thanks to a lighting concept. Especially indirectly illuminated walls create a sense of space after sunset and create a special ambience. Outdoor luminaires are available in different designs and electronics can be installed during the redesign so that the wiring is not visible. Combined with illuminated pathways and individual trees, a beautiful outdoor space is created even at night.

Garden inspiration

For even more inspiration, check out our reference gardens. Whether it's a seating area, a fountain or a pool: the possibilities in garden design are almost endless. We regularly photograph garden highlights with timeless and individual designs. Take a look at our reference gardens and get inspired!

You are also thinking about redesigning your garden or terrace? We will be happy to advise you personally and without obligation.

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