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Garden Blog PARC'S | October 1, 2016

Gartenideen und Trends

Ein gemütliches Aussenwohnzimmer ist das, was sich viele heutzutage wünschen. Neben der Stilbasis bieten vor allem Pflanzgefässe, Möblierung, Textilien und Topfbepflanzungen Möglichkeiten für Abwechslung und eine persönliche Gestaltungsnote.

Nordic style on trend for home and garden

For several years now, the Nordic style has been providing some garden ideas and is very trendy. It thus replaces the English style, which is characterized by romantic, ornate shapes and arrangements. Nordic style is characterized by the combination of coarse and fine materials. For interiors, this often means coarse knits combined with finer textiles. Outside, coarse woven baskets, wood and masonry stones in interplay with fine slabs are style-defining. Strong material contrasts and yet a uniform color choice with only subtle gradations. Muted shades are another feature of the Nordic style.

Nordic garden ideas

For furnishings and planters, soft pastel or earth tones are very suitable, so that you can then go all out with the furnishings and planting. Especially textiles such as cushions, blankets or outdoor rugs are easy to replace and can be adapted seasonally. In summer, colors like yellow and turquoise give the garden a fresh look; in fall and winter, darker colors can create a cozy comfort. For those who like things simple, use shades of earth tones. Although the planting is usually created for a long time, but can be changed from time to time. There are also many ideas in the Nordic style when it comes to accessories. Lanterns, baskets or benches no longer impress with ornate constructions as in the English style, but come along fine and simple. The art of omission runs through the Nordic garden ideas.

Garden ideas for dark corners

To set up a dark corner in the garden or on the terrace, you must first ask yourself the question of use. For example, if the corner is to be used as a retreat, it may remain a little darker. If the corner is also used a lot in the evening or if it is in the field of vision of the living room, lighting can become an issue. Otherwise, light-colored materials are suitable or light-flowered planting. White hydrangeas, for example, are well suited to shady or semi-shady places, as they have large flowers and thus set points of light in dark places. Another option is to use plants with variegated leaves, which green and brighten corners, especially from a distance.

Sun and wind as a challenge

Wind and sun can rob many a beautiful garden idea of its feasibility. Especially for terrace designs, the weather is a challenge. To be able to break wind gusts, privacy screens are also suitable, for example, made of wood, as in this reference. To protect from the sun, there are various options. Pergolas, for example, are very elegant to look at. Other options include awnings or classic parasols. In the case of parasols, there are also models with lateral legs, so that they do not get in the way and still provide a large area of shade.

Correctly choose planting

The right planting also works well as a wind catcher, for example evergreen or deciduous shrubs and trees. A combination of evergreen and deciduous planting also gives an interesting alternation of different shades of green. The key, especially in exposed areas, is to choose plants that are appropriate for the location. That is, plants that like sun and also dryness, wind and sun (even winter sun!) Well tolerate. Lavender, for example, is an optimal choice, which also gives off a pleasant fragrance. Pennisetum and all kinds of Pinus, rock pears and Osmanthus are also suitable for planting in exposed places.

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