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Garden Blog PARC'S | February 16 2023

The infinity pool

The infinity pool captivates with its effect: the pool seems endless and you have the impression that the water disappears into nothingness.

Unique bathing experience

Literally translated, infinity pool means "endless swimming pool". The special design of this pool creates an optical illusion: if you look above the surface of the water, the pool seems to float and go on endlessly. The infinity pool literally melts into its surroundings. Such a pool achieves a particularly beautiful effect with a view into the far distance or in an elevated position. Where a few years ago infinity pools were found only in exclusive resorts, today these unique and elegant pools are increasingly built in private gardens.

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This is how the endless effect is created

One or more edges of the pool are lowered so that you have the impression that the water disappears into nothingness. In this particular design, there is no visible boundary at these edges. But in fact, at this point, the water emerges beyond the lowered edge and runs off in an overflow channel outside the pool.

Relaxation at the infinity pool

The infinity pool we planned in this exceptional environment, which borders on an agricultural zone, vividly demonstrates the breathtaking floating effect. If you dare to jump into the cool water, then the infinity effect is also immediately visible and the fusion of the swimming pool and the environment is perfect. Behind the water surface is an extraordinary backdrop, which offers a view over a lush meadow with fruit trees.

Bathing without chlorine

Perfectly merged with its surroundings, trees and mountain backdrops seem reachable with a swim. This naturalness also continues in the water quality: The Living Pool technology ensures clean water completely without chemicals. The two-chamber filter system removes phosphate from the water and thus the basis of life for algae. Without any chemicals, the water is gentle to the skin and eyes thanks to the special technology.

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Infinity pool in our show garden garden villa

In the show garden Gartenvilla pool construction expert egli jona ag has built a square pool with such an overflow edge. The infinity pool created here is also a real highlight in this environment and can be viewed in more detail on site. At the same time, five other pools with different linings are on display in the beautiful show garden. Depending on the material, the water shimmers in a wide variety of colors.

The Garden Villa is currently closed due to the coronavirus. However, individual consultations remain possible. Contact the team of the Gartenvilla & get to know the Infinity Pool as well as five other pools in the large show garden. More info

Shimmering water - it depends on the pool basin

Swimming pools can be built with different materials - so is the infinity pool. Unlike a regular pool, the overflow channel replaces the skimmer. In addition to the overflow gutter, an infinity pool requires a surge tank and more elaborate piping. Exact costs for building an infinity pool can only be calculated after all the components have been defined. Here are numerous options to build your water garden exactly the way you want it.

Natural stone - robust and luxurious

The lining of the swimming pool with natural stone is unique. The natural material is timeless and adapts to the environment. The water creates a natural effect that changes depending on the sunlight and weather. The natural and at the same time elegant ambience creates only the natural stone. However, by far not every natural stone is suitable for pool lining. However, the commonly used Andeer granite is an excellent option for the particularly elegant appearance.

Porcelain stoneware - the alternative to natural stone

Porcelain stoneware tiles are available in a wide range and therefore offer an alternative to natural stone. They are often imitated the look of natural stone and also provide the natural and luxurious effect. A special advantage porcelain stoneware tiles offer in terms of format: the tiles can be offered in very large formats.

Stainless steel - elegant and timeless

The infinity pool with a stainless steel pool looks elegant and timeless and makes the water shimmer uniquely. In addition, a stainless steel pool can be made with other equipment requests, such as a bubble bench.

Foil - different color effects

When building a swimming pool, the lining with a pool liner is often used. The special foil is available in different shades of gray and thus provides different color effects: By using a gray foil, the water shimmers in a beautiful and natural blue.

Which pool suits you?

In addition to the Infinity Pool with Living Pool technology, there are of course many other pool variants such as the Swiss SPA Pool or the swimming pond. We will be happy to advise you without obligation. Simply contact us by phone or by using the inquiry form.

Do you have questions about this article or about the process of your personal garden project? We are here to help you. Contact us personally or write a comment.

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