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Garden Blog PARC'S | December 15, 2020

Garden trends 2021

Towards the end of the year, the new garden trends are already emerging. We have taken a closer look at six of them.

As we do every year, we put together our personal garden trends of the year. Especially this particular year, the trend of having your own pool has become even more prevalent and will continue to do so in 2021. In addition to two particular pools, we also took a closer look at four other garden trends.

1 - Natural pools

Clean pool water that does not require chemicals and is gentle on the skin: this is what natural pools stand for. Visually, the pools with naturally purified water do not differ from a conventional pool, because there is no need for a planted regeneration zone, and the pool lining is also possible in different variants.

The water is cleaned by an intelligent filter system - the proven Living Pool technology - which removes the vital phosphate from the algae. Especially in times like these, when people are often at home and vacations at the seaside are made more difficult, having your own pool right on your doorstep is a real asset. Unlike in the past, today a pool can be realized in a relatively short time. With a prefabricated pool, for example, the construction time is reduced enormously. If you start planning the pool in winter, you can already enjoy your own swimming paradise in the next bathing season.

For more information on planning a pool, click here.

2 - Smart Garden

In the digital age, the smart garden is also becoming increasingly popular. Technical solutions support garden owners in their care and take over a large part of the work. An automatic watering system supplies the plants with the optimal amount of water, while a robotic mower takes care of mowing the lawn and maintains it perfectly.

Today, these practical helpers can be controlled via an app: The Gardena Smart System combines all information on the cell phone or tablet and can be conveniently controlled on the go. Not only the care of the garden is easy, but also the desired ambience by an individual lighting can also be switched on and off via the app.

Our partner GardenTec is the specialist for technical solutions in the garden and on the terrace.

3 - Wellness with the C-Side pool

The compact mini pool brings your own wellness oasis into the garden with little effort. Five different models of the C-Side pool cover the most diverse needs. From massage seats to shallow water zones and deep water areas to spring inlet jets: a C-Side pool guarantees the desired luxury in your own garden. Due to its compact size, such a warm water pool is also suitable for smaller gardens. A special plus is the robust surface made of glass mosaics in ten different colors, which provide different color and light reflections.

More information about the C-Side Pool 

4 - Natural garden

Our ecosystem is increasingly out of balance. Animal and plant species are dying out and nature is endangered. Biodiversity is supported by near-natural gardens and the renunciation of chemical pesticides. Native plants provide a habitat for bees, insects and butterflies and create nesting sites for small animals. Colorful flower meadows and fruit trees, which provide valuable food for insects, also help to promote biodiversity. A wonderful way to support bees and insects while watching them go about their busy lives are insect hotels. These can even be hung on the terrace or balcony.

In the online store of Amadeo Ambiente such insect hotels are available.

5 - Fountain

The element of water has always had a special effect on us. The gentle splashing soothes and spreads a romantic mood. A beautifully designed fountain is at the same time a special eye-catcher in the garden. Even in small gardens, a fountain can be realized and becomes the focal point of the outdoor area. Whether a fountain made of natural stone, metal or concrete: the versatile design element enjoys great popularity.

6 - Snack garden

Snacking on berries fresh from the bush and spicing up meals with your own herbs: The trend toward self-sufficiency continues. The various types of berries, herbs and vegetables are planted in a separate bed and picked directly from your own garden. But even if you have less space, you don't have to give up your own snack garden: Many varieties can also be planted in a raised bed or even in a pot. A wide variety of raised beds are now available in stores. They enable back-friendly gardening and are sometimes equipped with rollers that allow the bed to be moved even after planting. Especially practical are raised beds with integrated shelves, in which the gardener's accessories can be stored.

In the online store of Amadeo Ambiente you will find a wide selection of raised beds and pots for your own snack garden.

Garden inspiration

Our reference gardens provide inspiration. Be it a naturally designed garden, a garden with pool or fountain or seating areas and terraces: The possibilities in garden and terrace design are almost endless. We regularly photograph our reference highlights with timeless design.

Do you have any questions about our garden trends or would you like some non-binding advice? We look forward to your inquiry.

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