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Garden Blog PARC'S | January 16, 2020

Gartentrends 2020

Kaum ist das neue Jahr aus den Startlöchern, zeichnen sich bereits Trends im Garten ab. Wir haben uns fünf davon genauer angeschaut.

As every year, we put together our personal garden trends of the year. Timeless designs paired with technology and naturalness will remain central in garden design this year.

1 - place for rest and recreation

The garden or terrace is mainly a place of rest and relaxation. Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the green outdoor living room provides cozy hours or offers a space for meetings. Therefore, the conscious design of the garden or terrace is all the more significant for its owner. While matching privacy screens in a wide range of variants protect against unwanted glances, harmonious details are created with selected furnishings. Particularly in the trend are at present also firmly installed pavilions, which offer a protected niche and are an interesting eye-catcher in the garden. The personal garden design is rounded off by an individual lighting concept, which not only provides safety in the dark but also attractive eye-catchers.

2 - Digitization in the garden

The trend towards digitalization does not stop at the garden gate: the lawn robot or the lighting can be programmed via smartphone. In the future, however, much more will be controlled via cell phone and also linked to weather forecasts. For example, the clever Gardena smart system takes care of all the work in the garden at the touch of a finger on the cell phone. Combined in one system, the new technology takes care of professional garden maintenance, irrigation and optimal lawn care.

Our partner GardenTec GmbH is a specialist for technology in the garden. We have already planned and installed irrigation systems, rainwater tanks or lighting in countless gardens.

3 - Pools with naturally purified water

Bathing without chlorine or chemicals - this is possible in a swimming pool with naturally purified water. Thanks to the intelligent Living Pool technology, the water is purified biologically and without chemical additives, making it gentle on the skin. Such natural pools are particularly popular in Swiss gardens and visually do not differ from conventional swimming pools.

Last year, together with our partner egli jona ag, we planned and built an incredible number of so-called living pools. In the joint show garden Gartenvilla, a total of five different pools can be viewed. We would be happy to advise you together with our pool construction professional during a non-binding initial consultation. Please contact us!

4 - Small gardens and terraces

Less is sometimes more, because even with less space you can create a personal garden oasis. Small niches create a cozy atmosphere. Taking into account the needs of the garden or terrace owner, unique and individual retreats can be planned and redesigned from small areas. A consciously chosen planting as well as the setting of accents play a special role: they delimit the outdoor area and guide the eye through the small garden paradise.

5 - Ecological garden

Biodiversity is the basis for life on earth. Biodiversity is dwindling, wild bees or other insects and animals find less and less food and living space. That is why ecological gardens are becoming more and more important. By creating a habitat for various native plants and animal species, we can promote biodiversity. Native plants attract bees, butterflies and insects or provide nesting sites for small animals. Colorful flower meadows and fruit trees also provide valuable food. Biodiversity can be significantly supported through natural gardening and the avoidance of chemical pesticides.

Our reference gardens provide inspiration. Be it an English lawn, fountains, swimming ponds or seating areas: The possibilities in garden design are almost endless. We regularly photograph garden highlights with timeless design.

Do you have any questions about our garden trends or would you like some non-binding advice? We look forward to your inquiry.

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