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PARC'S Garden Blog | February 3, 2019

5 ideas for your garden design

The latest garden trends are already emerging at the beginning of the year. We have taken a closer look at five of them.

1 - Natural gardens

A natural garden is environmentally conscious, sustainable and takes nature as its model: what does not occur in nature does not belong in a natural garden. Materials made of concrete, metal and plastic are undesirable here. Instead, in a natural garden you will find primarily native plants and a natural meadow with a variety of flowers and grasses. Wildflower meadows in particular offer bees and other insects a natural habitat and are currently very popular with garden owners. Native plants such as wild shrubs and woody plants serve as food and breeding grounds for various insects and animals due to their nature. Natural gardens also feature materials such as wood, stone or clay that are also found in nature.

2 - Technology in the garden

Digitalization does not stop at the garden gate. Modern garden technology makes gardening easier and thus provides more time to enjoy the garden. Irrigation solutions, rainwater harvesting, lawn robots or time-controlled lighting: These technical helpers can now be found in many gardens. Once installed, you can sit back and relax while the garden is optimally maintained and cared for.

The specialist for garden technology: Gardentec GmbH

3 - Herb garden

Spicy greens, interesting flowers and natural ingredients for cooking and health: your own herb garden looks good and is versatile. Herbs can be used in the kitchen or as medicine and also require little space. Whether on the windowsill, in pots on the balcony, in a raised bed or in a garden bed: herbs can be planted anywhere. In the meantime, even fully automatic cultivation systems are available in stores, with which the herbs can be grown and harvested all year round in the home.

4 - Raised bed

A raised bed allows you to garden at a comfortable height that is easy on your back. But this is not the only advantage, because slugs also have a much harder time finding their way up to the raised bed. Another advantage is that the sun's heat not only reaches the soil at the top, but also the sides of the raised bed. As a result, the vegetables and herbs can be planted earlier and usually yield more harvest than in a garden bed. Raised beds are available in a wide variety of styles and materials and are also relatively easy to build yourself. Mobile raised beds in the form of tables or wheelbarrows are particularly practical and fit even on a larger balcony or terrace.

Various raised beds are available at Amadeo Ambiente.

5 - Water in the garden

Whether pool, swimming pond, fountain or water feature: Water is a special design element in the garden and transforms it into a small paradise. The blue wet has a calming effect and attracts us magically. Water influences our mood in a unique way and provides relaxation. It has been very popular in garden design for several years and is also one of the hot garden trends in 2019.

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